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Coming Down

Coming down, I'm coming down

Won't be long until I hit the ground

And its a long, long way to fall

And I'm feeling very small


Coming down, I'm coming down

But I won't forget all that I found

'Cos I won't hit those highs again

And nothing matters in the end


Oh, I was out there for a while, Touched your soul, Made you smile

All those dreams were coming true; I owe it all to you

First moment to the last, Each drop of joy came streaming past

And, sitting in the whirlwind's eye,I never even had to try


Coming down, I'm coming down

Can't stop the World from spinning round

Now I'm lying on the floor

Won't be flying any more


This song's an act of love, Now falling from the dream above

I reach for you to catch my fall when all is one and one is all

'Cos only you could understand how much I need to hold you hand

While stars still shimmer in my eyes and fairy-dust the truth belies


Coming down, I'm coming down

And I'm trying so hard not to make a sound

And I think its time to leave

Can you remind me how to breathe?


Now fantasy begins to fade

Along with all the promises we made

All the colours turn to brown

I'm coming down.

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