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Fighting for Air

Today was not a good day, Nothing went my way today

And I don't have the strength tonight to get into another fight and

This is not the way it should be, Did you imagine wqhen you wed me

Gold could tarnish quite so fast and just how long forever lasts

In this stagnant silence, In your distant company

I feel the walls between us close in on me

And I am fighting for air.


Yet another grey day on the bitter road to pay-day

And I'm standing on a platform in a dirty sort of rain

Its not even light yet and I've had enough of today

And I seem to be wishing this precious life away

Stood still on a highway, Trapped on the tube

Beathing in strangers and other foul fumes

And I am fighting for air.


Never thought I'd end up here,

Sitting staring at my beer

I thought I'd set the World alight,

I thought you'd help me keep it bright

You traded in the big white horse with

Not a flicker of remorse

And suddenly my dreams were gone and

I don't know where we went wrong

Maybe we could start again, Begin the fairy-tale again

I want to be a child once more, Believe in magic like before

In a land far, far away we'd live to love another day

Live to tell a tale of kings, of spinning wheels, dragons and rings

Ans I am fighting for air.

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