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"Singing Solo offers 12 tracks of magical, soulful melodies in a style which touches on folk, roots and blues..................Sarah's voice...has the clarity of Dido's and the soul of Eva Cassidy's."                                                                                                                             Dan Irwin, Kentish Gazette, December 2004.


"Those who have seen Reed live will testify to her ability to captivate an audience and create an atmosphere in which her vocals and stage presence seem to take on a magical she presents a twelve-song confessional with an equally strong sense of intimacy........There is a poigniancy and directness in the album's lyrics which makes them all the more powerful, especially when delivered by such a compelling voice......Sumptuously arranged throughout, Reed has produced a stunning debut which satisfies on continuously discovered new levels. Singing Solo, yes, and certainly in a class of her own."                                                                          

                                   Phil Davis, Backlash Magazine, Issue Three, Summer '05



What a fabulous album!!!!!!!! of those rare occasions when I finish a CD and have to listen to it again. Straight away. There and then..........Its witty and poinant and I particularly like the way you are able to use repeat lyrics and images througout for a sense of continuity of experience without it becoming at all tedious. You must simply get this out as far and as wide as you can."               Tony Birks, Kent.


Congratulations! Your album is amazing.......Wonderful songs, beautifully rendered with such amazing arrangements - truly a privilege to listen to!"   John Smith, Kent.


We were on listening to many different snippets from many different artists albums, and then we came across this album from Sarah Reed. The pureness and quality of the vocals were striking from the start, and it seemed to us to be an album that stood out from the others. That was some two months ago, and although we have played that album a lot, we've never tired of listening to it. In actual fact, certain songs (eg-"Drowning" and "Brimstone Fox") have really grown on us.

Sarah Reed has a most beautiful voice that is both emotive, pure, strong and quite clearly of a rare outstanding quality.

In our opinion, Sarah is one of the most promising UK artists we have come across in the past few years.                                                Johnny and Kitty Warnes, Norwich, Uk



Fantastic CD I will now make it a quest to bring you to  all I know and many that I don't This really is good......there's not a bad track on it....

Watch this space      FANTASTIC"                                                              Ian Trust, Oxon.


"This is REALLY good stuff!........I do love the strings and the progression of emotions through the sequence of songs. I can hear Bowie influences here and there, a touch of Irish ballad style.......and that lovely haunting quality your voice has when you do softer, more lyrical songs."                                                                  Bev Weir, Co.Tyrone.


"I have played your CD and want to just let you know I think it is excellent. You have a beautiful voice and my husband says you sound exactly like Joan Biaz. Seriously Sarah it is a lovely piece of work."                                                Cathy Godfrey, Sheffield.                                                                            

"I hate to tell you this but its bloody good."                                  Glyn Fisher, London.


"Bloody Hell!!!!! Very Impressive!!!!!"                                                Walter Swan, Hull.

Reviews for Singing Solo

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