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Spellbound Reviews

"Just over a year after the release of her impressive debut, Singing Solo, Sarah Reed returns with the "difficult" second album which she makes seem like an enviably easy task. The sparse, somewhat delicate, acoustic nature of its predecessor has made way for bigger and more imaginative arrangements, which in turn make the album work on a greater number of levels. Even the acoustic-based tracks seem to possess more dimensions, such as the stunning Tears in the Rain.

Along with Reed's consistantly high quality song-writing skills, the outstanding contributions of guitarist, Del Heffernan are key to these sonic pleasures, his versitility evident from the opening Fighting for Air and its myriad six-string soundscape. His support continues when Reed the rocker makes her appearance an tracks such as Turn It On and it is to their credit that, despite the variety of styles present, there is an air of consistancy throughout.

Lyrically, Spellbound lives up to its title, with themes of escape and fantasy, childhood dreams revisited in a bid for a preferable parallel existance and finally a reconcilliation of sorts with reality. Fortunately, this is all carried out with a sensitivity of touch and therefore avoids the pomposity of many candidates for the (choke) "concept" category.

Melodic and immensely satisfying all round, Spellbound marks a new height of artistic achievement for Reed whilst simulaneously increasing her commercial appeal."

                                                 Phil Davis, Backlash Magazine, Spring '06

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