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Over the hills and far away

That is where I am

Caught up in a soft web of silver strands

Entranced by the touch of a sorcerer's hands

I'm hypnotised, I'm mesmerised,

I'm Spellbound.


Weave your web, Cast your spell

As I sit and watch my life-blood

Drain away into your wishing-well

From behind this glamour I see

Such strange things come to pass

And all I'm hoping is, this dream will last.


Bound by invisible ties

By the heat in your eyes

Caught up in this ruthless embrace

Undone with one look at your face.


Every time you're near me

I feel my world go up in flames

And every time you touch me

Your cruel enchantment floods my veins

And I am caught forever 'til the Universe implodes

'Til the stars begin to tumble and

The Earth herself explodes.


Over the hills and far away

That's where I'll always be

Obedient, now, surrendering my liberty

Unresistingly I offer to you

All that is me

I'm hypnotised, I'm mersmerised

I'm Spellbound.

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